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Lube Center

Quick Lube Buildings

A well designed quick lube building is one that works with your business processes. We understand the quick lube industry very well and can guide you through different design considerations. Our buildings are made from high quality materials and is made to last.

image showing the front of a dog wash station

Dog Wash Buildings

Self-Serve Dog washes are a great stand-alone business option addition to an existing car wash site.  The benefit of a dog wash is that you can bath your dog without all of the mess to clean up in your own bathroom afterwards.

Car Wash

Car Wash Buildings

Car wash buildings, whether you are putting in a self-serve, in-bay automatic, mini-express tunnel or a full sized tunnel need to be designed well and built to hold up against the constant exposure to dirt, grime and chemicals. We provide different car wash design options to fit with your branding requirements.

Erecting the roof panels between the wall and I-Beam using a scissor lift

Laundromat Buildings

Laundromats are and continue to be a popular investment option and require a durable building structure to standup under the daily use.  We use the best construction materials for our laundromats so they will last for years to come.

a picture showcasing a car wash building extension

Car Wash Extensions

Existing car washes are often too short to pack in any more desired equipment, so the choice is to either knock down and rebuild or extend the building. We have an aluminum and glass car wash extension solution that looks great with any existing building, drawing all kinds of attention from passers-by.

Erecting the roof panels between the wall and I-Beam using a scissor lift

Convenience Store Buildings

If you are considering building a convenience store, then consider one built by Shinn Buildings.  We use only the best framing materials so that your building will look great for years to come.


Erecting the roof panels between the wall and I-Beam using a scissor lift

Light-gauge steel framing packages

Our light-gauge steel framing packages are a great solution for commercial projects because we construct the framing offsite during the site work phase, which when the pad is complete, the framing is delivered in 8’ panelized sections and can be erected many times faster than traditional stick framing in the field.  Additionally, we build the framing in jigs which makes it very uniform and precise, which will save rework time.

Buildings As Easy As 1-2-3!

step 1




step 3


Partners / Vendors

Grease Monkey
Quaker State
Victory Lane
GM Goodwrench
Comtec Car Washes
North American Lubricants
Pit Systems
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A Shinn Building is the Right Choice!


Because we specialize, we can remove a lot of surplus expense, which means you get a precision building at an affordable price.

Single Source

Our goal is to help make this process easier for you! We supply the building, the equipment and even the training if needed.

Quick Engineering

Our engineers know our building system and have been with our team for over 30 years. Their expertise equals faster delivery of engineering plans to you.

Industry Focus

We are Lube Center and Car Wash building and equipment specialists. This is what we do!  We know these industries inside and out.

Profitable Buildings

Our lube centers and car washes are designed with efficiency in mind, helping you become profitable more quickly.

Turn-key Operation

By combining our building system and equipment packages, we offer turn-key lube center and car wash solutions, getting you up and running quickly.

38+ Years Experience

We’ve been in the vehicle service industry for nearly 4 decades.  Our experience is your gain!


If there is a piece of equipment that we want or need, and it’s not on the market, our fabricators can create it.

Customer Service

Our customers are the cornerstone of our business. We value our business relationship with them and treat them with respect.


Whether this is your first project or you’ve done many of these, there are always questions about how things work in your particular scenario.

We consider all factors such as Engineering, Construction Timing, Cost, and Building Design.

We are not a typical construction company, we have in-depth industry knowledge in the Oil Change and Car Wash industries and we can save you a lot of time


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