Laundromat Construction

Are you looking to build a laundromat building?

Why not consider us?

We can help you build a quality, affordable and attractive building that will last for years.

We’ve spent decades perfecting a building design whose design is meant to keep your costs as low as possible. 

We avoid expensive building systems and use simpler, more cost effective systems that save you money.  

Using one of our standardized building designs gives you a discount on engineering because our engineers already know our buildings and they are able to borrow drawings from other projects to pass savings onto you.

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Advantages of Pre-Built
Light-Gauge Steel Framing Panels

We have accumulated over 40 years of experience in the engineering of framing
structures for building construction projects.

High Quality

Using light-gauge steel is a great foundation for your laundry business that will serve you well. As a standard, we use 16-gauge steel which varying stud widths of 6” or 8” – depending on the snow/wind load factors in your area. Our engineering team are experts at designing our building.

Save Time & Money

Our approach to framing is to pre-build your framing in our climate protected facility producing 8’ panelized sections.

The panels are shipped to your jobsite and go up like an erector site much faster than traditional stick-framing. This saves you time, and money because your project gets done faster.


We fabricate and construct the wall framing sections in jigs according to precise measurements.

We stay away from expensive building systems which increase the building complexity and cost, often with little to no actual benefit.

Attractive Building

We can use a couple different parapet configurations to vary the look of the building without breaking the bank.

We use parapets to give the building vertical and horizontal dimensionality and they are very affordable. The less money you have to pay on your monthly loan payment, the faster you reach profitability.


Our specialty is constructing laundromat building projects for our clients. We strive to deliver high-quality structures at competitive prices.

We have accumulated over forty years of experience in the engineering of steel-framed structures and specialty construction projects. 


Our design is simple yet attractive, and we pass the savings onto you.

We avoid complexity like the plague because that becomes money out of your pocket. We keep the main building structure simple, and add parapets and other additional features to dimensionality – they are very cost effective to use.


We handle our construction projects from the slab up. We work in conjunction with your general contractor who is going to handle things like the sitework, concrete, plumbing and electrical work and we handle the rest.


Does your existing Laundromat need a facelift? 

 We may be able to help without it costing you a fortune.

Some buildings are structurally sound, but just need an external face lift. We use simple building devices like parapets to give your building extra vertical and horizontal dimensionality without breaking the bank.


We have accumulated over 40 years of experience in the engineering of
laundromat framing structures. Our mission is to be your trusted laundry facility builders for
light gauge steel framing systems and aluminum glass buildings. 


We are collaborative, transparent, and empathetic. We are open to feedback and advice, and we actively seek out input from our partners, vendors, and customers.


From start to finish, our mission is to be the partner of choice for our customers. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best service, technology, and value. We’re here to help you achieve success.


We engineer and manufacture our buildings in a climate-controlled facility making sure we only deliver only the best quality metal frames and structures with high precision installation work.


The final look of the building is determined by selecting the finishes and arranging the layouts, among other things. Throughout the design process, an expert will assist you in ensuring the facility meets your company’s requirements.


Whether this is your first project or you’ve done many of these, there are always questions about how things work in your particular scenario. 

We consider all factors such as Engineering, Construction Timing, Cost, and Building Design

We are not a typical construction company, we have in-depth industry knowledge in the Oil Change and Car Wash industries and we can save you a lot of time.