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Generally, quick lube buildings are constructed in concrete block or framed with metal or wood.  Both construction methods yield a solid building, however, they are some distinct differences that warrant some thought.

Concrete Block Construction

The Pros

The big advantage of concrete block construction is the price tag. Concrete block construction is relatively cheap to do. Additionally, concrete block construction is a very solid building. However, there are some cons to consider:

The Cons

Plumbing and Electric Lines Have to be Surface Mounted

With concrete block construction, you have to surface mount the plumbing and electrical wiring which is more expensive to do that running the wires through walls. And in order to disguise the pipes and wiring conduit, you have to paint it, which is a lot of labor and some expense.

Can’t Easily Insulate Concrete Block Walls

About the only way to insulate a block wall is to fill it with concrete, which is expensive, or to furr out the interior walls which adds to the expense.

It’s Hard to Disguise a Block Building on the Outside

A block building exterior is hard to dress up. About the only way to do it is to furr-out the exterior and use another exterior material, like EIFS. However, this measure is costly when you factor the price of the block, furring strips and additional cladding.

Not Eligible for Pre-Engineered Construction

Pre-Engineered construction builds the framing offsite during the dirt work phase of the project, which means there is a savings of 4+ weeks construction time. A block building, because it must be constructed on site is not eligible.

Steel-Framed Construction

The Pros

Electric and Plumbing Run In the Walls

Electric and Plumbing is run in the walls – out of sight and out of mind. No surface mount. No disguising. The walls can be finished with drywall, FRP or PVC plastic, depending on the need.

Insulation Recessed In the Walls

Steel-Framed walls can be easily insulated with pink panther insulation.

Framed Buildings are Easily Clad with A Variety of Materials

Do you want a building clad in EIFS, thin-brick, stone veneer or some combination? The steel framing gives the flexibility to do what you want.

Eligible for Pre-Engineered Construction

The steel framing for a building can be manufactured offsite at the same time the dirt work is happening, therefore, shaving off 4+ weeks of total construction time.

The Cons

Steel Prices can Fluctuate

Steel has international demand the prices can vary from time to time.