Our Construction Services

Our goal is to design the most efficient building layout, allowing us to build your establishment faster, that is, cost-effective than traditional options.

Many architects try and push the envelope on the design of a building, and inadvertently add tens of thousands to the building cost. We realize that you need to make money and having a heavy monthly nut can hamper your profitability.

You can trust our team to design, engineer and assemble a building with superior quality that is ready to start serving customers.

When you choose Shinn Buildings, you can trust that you’re getting the most experienced and dependable contractor that will handle steel framing construction for your business.


Our pre-built framing products are precision manufactured in our climate-controlled facility, eliminating delays regardless of adverse weather conditions. The structure of the building is manufactured at the same time as the site work is being completed. Significant time savings can be achieved on the total construction time of the project over conventional stick-built construction. Our pre-designed buildings are made for efficiency and maximum value per dollar.

Grease Monkey Laredo TX Lube Center and Car Wash

Quick Lube Buildings

We have been servicing the automotive industry for over 40 years, and lube centers are our specialty. 

We can tailor your building needs, include our well thought out and researched equipment package, and deliver a turn-key solution that has your business up and running much faster than conventional stick-built construction.  

Glass Car Wash Pennsylvania

Car Wash Structures

Car washes can be a “stand-alone” building or a natural extension/add-on of a lube center building – we build both!

We understand the stress loads that car wash equipment can place on a building, and we engineer and manufacture it accordingly. We have equipment vendors that we work with and can recommend as well.

a picture showcasing a car wash building extension

Car Wash Extensions & Upgrades

Do you want to upgrade your car wash equipment, but your existing structure is not large enough to accommodate it?

Besides demolishing the building and starting anew, or incurring substantial building renovations, are there any other routes? Yes, there is!

Grease Monkey Laredo TX Lube Center and Car Wash

Convenience Store Construction

We are the best choice if you want to get the job done right: on time, and on budget so that you can start running your retail business right away.

We have recently added convenience stores to our roster of construction services.

Glass Car Wash Pennsylvania

Laundromat Construction

We are dedicated to a stress-free laundromat build-out. Let us help you design, engineer and layout your aesthetically pleasing laundry facility.

Framing Panels Loaded on a Truck for Transport to Job Site

Custom Panelized Light Gauge Framing

We provide general contractors with our pre-built panelized light-gauge steel framing, which can save weeks off of their construction timeline.

What Makes Us Different?


Respect for our customers, partners, and vendors is the foundation of our business. We value honesty, and integrity.


We’re delighted to be part of your success.
We work closely with you.

We’ll be there every step of the way to make sure your project goes smoothly.


We take great pride in producing buildings that can withstand the elements and test of time at reasonable costs.


We avoid complex systems which are expensive to support and repair. We keep your building designs simple without comprising the aesthetics.

Value Added Services




We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel.

Our buildings use straight-forward design elements and are efficiently engineered, which allows our clients to save money and time on their projects.

Our engineers are able to pull plans and draw inspiration from previous projects, which becomes the starting point for a new project, and that saves money.

Patented QuickPit Auto Service Pit System - Commonly Install in Lube Centers

Pit System

Pit System is an exciting addition to our lube center building business.

We offer customizable vehicle service pit systems such as:

  • QuickPit Sit Down (Patented)
  • QuickPit Stand Up
  • QuickPit Commercial Trucks

Offering an alternative to the old “basement system” in the lube industry, the QuickPit System is an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient solution. It allows your service technicians to work in a more efficient, comfortable environment, reducing fatigue and employee turnover.

Take a look at the QuickPit System today – your techs will thank you!


Whether this is your first project or you’ve done many of these, there are always questions about how things work in your particular scenario. 

We consider all factors such as Engineering, Construction Timing, Cost, and Building Design

We are not a typical construction company, we have in-depth industry knowledge in the Oil Change and Car Wash industries and we can save you a lot of time.