About Us

Shinn Buildings, LLC has been a significant influence on the auto service industry for over 40 years. Our company has grown to what it is today with the pioneering genius and remarkable legacy of our founder, Albert Shinn.

We offer pre-configured light gauge steel framing panels which saves time for our clientele. We also specialize in integrating glass and aluminum in our construction projects to create aesthetically pleasing commercial structures and shops whether it’s a lube center, car wash,  or convenience store or laundromat. We are experts at integrating car wash and lube center buildings. 

We understand the challenges of high construction costs, the inefficiency of traditional building construction and constraints in the time it takes to get your business running.  

We have streamlined our processes, that, we are able to offer efficiently engineered light-gauge steel framed buildings with straight-forward design elements. 

We understand our clients’ bottom line: Save costs on building construction, shorter construction timelines without sacrificing quality. 

Our Focus

We are dedicated to delivering high quality light gauge steel-framed buildings and excellent customer service. While we’d like to service everyone, we firmly believe that we can bring great value and satisfaction to our select clientele. 

We focus our services to the following businesses:

  • Car Washes
    • Upgrades + Extensions
    • Dog Washes
  • Lube Centers
  • Convenience Stores
  • Laundromats

Our Promise


Honesty. Respect. Integrity. These are the principles central to our business. We value our customers, partners and vendors.


Your success is our reward. We will be with you every step of the way to facilitate a smooth process.


Our precision-built buildings are manufactured with quality materials, delivering you an exceptional building at an affordable price.


Our standard building design can be modified to meet your needs. Customization will make it unique to your business.


Stan Beck

Principal, CEO

Stan oversees the entire workings of Shinn Buildings. Stan hones in on the Sales and Marketing Department for Shinn Buildings and its subsidiaries.

Brian Carter

Director of Operations

Brian has been in the steel framing industry for 25 years. Brian oversees the execution of our operations which includes assembly, project management and keeping our operations facility up to standard.

Kristina Beck

Executive Administrator

Kristina takes care of the administrative work at Shinn Buildings. She ensures all the required compliance, insurance, and accounts payables/receivables are up to standard.

Zack Carter

Assistant to the Director of Operations

Zack specializes in Onsite building installations, and shop framing assembly. 

Kenny Smith

Operations Associate

Kenny assists in shop framing assembly, and acts as liaison, coordinating with our trusted suppliers.

Joan Octaviano

Bookkeeping Assistant

Joan assists Kristina in most day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

Jenn Ubaldo

Marketing Specialist

Jenn is responsible for planning and implementing marketing and advertising activities for Shinn Buildings.


Whether this is your first project or you’ve done many of these, there are always questions about how things work in your particular scenario. 

We consider all factors such as Engineering, Construction Timing, Cost, and Building Design

We are not a typical construction company, we have in-depth industry knowledge in the Oil Change and Car Wash industries and we can save you a lot of time.