Aluminum & Glass Framing FOR CAR WASH BUILDINGS

Aluminum and Glass car wash construction adds a touch of ‘wow’ to what would normally be a typical car wash building. 

Aluminum and Glass catches the eye – it’s that simple.  Your Aluminum & Glass car wash will attract attention from passers by. 

It’s the shine factor that draws them in.  Potential customers want to visit your wash because it’s unique and different from other car wash with more traditional construction.


And your advertising doesn’t stop there – at night, when you turn on the LED lights, which light up the parapet and the inside of the wash, you’ll attract loads of attention to your wash.

Our Aluminum & Glass car wash framing is powder coated a color that ties in with your branding needs.  And the fact that the building is made from aluminum, means that it won’t rust – ever!  We use only high-grade aluminum which means it will last for years to come.

Installing the framing panels


Light Gauge Steel Framing Panels


High Quality

With our team’s extensive experience in aluminum-framed construction, we can efficiently engineer your aluminum and glass framing to make sure it is up to code. They are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions likely to be encountered at that site.

Movable Buildings

Our glass and aluminum framed buildings can be moved to another location. Since the building is bolted together, you can move to a higher traffic location as the need arises.  This is impossible for traditional-built buildings.  

Brand Consistency

We understand that you value return customers. Having a building consistent with your brand’s corporate colors can boost customer’s recall and returns to your business.  Our aluminum and glass buildings can be powder coated to your brand’s color palette.

Attractive Building

Our glass and aluminum buildings are visually appealing, making your building stand out, day and night!

For car washes and lube centers, being visible and drawing customers in from afar should be a top priority when choosing your building.


We have accumulated over 40 years of experience in the engineering of
laundromat framing structures. Our mission is to be your trusted resource for
light gauge steel framing systems and aluminum glass buildings. 


We are committed to building long-term relationships based on trust, integrity, and respect for our customers, partners, and vendors.


We’re pleased to play a part in your success. We will ensure that your project goes as planned every step of the way.


Our buildings are manufactured with strength in mind and are engineered to withstand the elements. You can trust that your structure will stand the test of time for many years to come.


Throughout the process, an expert will work with you to ensure that the building meets your business needs.


Whether this is your first project or you’ve done many of these, there are always questions about how things work in your particular scenario. 

We consider all factors such as Engineering, Construction Timing, Cost, and Building Design

We are not a typical construction company, we have in-depth industry knowledge in the Oil Change and Car Wash industries and we can save you a lot of time.