Steel-Framed, Pre-EnngineeredConcrete Block
Building Structure Set-Up Time< 1 Week8+ Weeks
Electrical / Plumbing MountingInside of Framed Wall allowing for a clean looking buildingSurface-mounted on interior wall, which adds to additional expense for the conduit and painting.

Subject to weather conditions.
External FinishStylish and durable synthetic stucco with accented windows and door ways, muliti-level parapet and 3' rock surround at bottom.Block Finish that needs to be painted or if finished with furring strips and synthetic stucco.
Internal Wall FinishPVC Plastic Paneling - allows oil to be cleaned off of walls easily. It's easy to mount branded decals to the smooth surface.Must be sealed and painted resist oil stain and dirt damage. The bumpy surface makes it more difficult to apply decals.
Higher Building AppraisalWe provide steel-framed construction which generally appraises higher than block construction and also has a higher perceived value and a higher quality feel. Our pricing is very competitive for framed construction that often times the customer has instant equity upon open the store.
Open SoonerLess interest to pay. Making revenue faster
Dried In SoonerMore predictable construction schedule
Smoother Construction Cycle
Extra PaintingCeiling / Trusses / External / Internal / Pipes
Open TrussesHard to keep clean
Wall thickness6" wall + finishes - total 8" wall8" wall + finishes (3") = 11" wall